Here you can find the list of all my credits and see some examples of my work. I realise you might not have time to watch everything, so here’s a quick showreel (a mash-up of my recent work)
tip: click on the Vimeo link to watch in HD

Neal’s Yard Community Days


Little Portugal is a non-profit media platform telling the inspiring stories of Portuguese speakers living in London.

I was with the project since its very beginning and over the course of two years I shot and edited over 30 videos, which were published on the Little Portugal website and social media. The project was very well received and my videos earned a lot of positive feedback. By the time I left the team, our website littleportugal.org hit 30,000 views and our Facebook page had over 2,000 followers.

Selection of my work for Little Portugal (click on any image to watch a short story on Youtube):

 Jessica Fino: The Journalist       

You can find even more videos here.

And if you need something to cheer you up today…

For individual pieces, click on their name/picture to view the video on my Vimeo page. (please note not every film is available online due to copyright)

Dan Gold thumbnailDAN GOLD: Tagging the Skin (documentary, 2015)
director / producer / editor / sound
A world renowned tattooist and graffiti artist Dan Gold talking about the tattoo industry, his career, graffiti and more.

Corrupt Love

Corrupt Love (drama, 2014)
editor / sound
A school boy lives with an abusive family and struggles with the Oedipus complex.

Alex and Zoey NA

Alex and Zoey (rom-com, 2015)
A young couple faces some unexpected encounters on their stroll through Shoreditch.

Rotten Retail NA

Rotten Retail (drama, comedy, 2015)
A young man struggles to take care of a small shop after its owner dies.

Up in Smoke NA

Up in Smoke (comedy, 2014)
editor / sound
A well-respected doctor accidentally reveals his dark side.


Taste of Mozambique

camera / editor / sound
Introducing the Chicken Leg Fillet.


FC Arma Ústí nad Labem
editor / partly camera
Video for a project called “Dvě země, dva jazyky, spojené fotbalem” / “Zwei Länder, zwei Sprachen, durch Fußball verbunden”

Academy SJW

camera / editor / sound
Introducing St John’s Wood School of English


Varsity 2015
camera / editor

Highlights from the sporting event between Kingston University and University of Surrey (made for the Kingston University Students’ Union)

Global Festival

Global Festival 2015
camera / editor
Highlights from the global festival 2015 (made for the Kingston University Students’ Union)

The Voiceless

The Voiceless Project (2015)
camera / editor / sound

Promo video introducing The Voiceless Project – new platform raising awareness of human rights violations

Diversity Conference

Diversity Conference 2014
camera / editor

Highlights from the conference organised by the Kingston University Students’ Union

projects I have created in my own time – animations, videos from my travels

c’est Paris (2015)
Places and people I spotted in Paris.

Visit New York City (2015)
All NYC has to offer in two minutes.

Girls Like You
Girls Like You (2014)
Lyrics video for the song by The Naked and Famous.


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