My name is Michaela, I’m a Czech born filmmaker and Londoner turned digital nomad.

I have degrees in Media Studies  (BA) and Film Making (MA) and have experience with filming, editing, producing, sound design & recording and motion graphics. You can find examples of my work and more details about me on this website. After two years of working in the TV post production sector in London and filming for the Little Portugal project, I am now focusing on freelance video making and my travel blog Backpacking People while travelling the world.

If you are just passing by, don’t miss my showreel here and my latest video here. You can also follow me on instagram for updates about my upcoming travels.

I’m an overly organised perfectionist obsessed with to-do lists and lists in general. I am hardworking and very rarely give up. I have a positive outlook on life and passion for helping the environment. I’m a complete film addict, love ice hockey and I’d rather spend all my money on travel memories than on clothes (I have, anyway)!

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[All content on this website, such as text, images and videos is owned by Michaela Ordosova, unless stated otherwise.]

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